Welcome to The Green Space

The Green Space is a shopping place, a chill-out space and platform for collaboration and creative expression of all things related to sustainable living.

Our mission is to boost local economy, and showcase products and services that are green, ethical and encourage healthier living and support waste minimisation.

The Green Space will be promoting the following local products and services for home, local schools and the local hospitality sector:
• Greener household cleaning products
• Greener Health and skincare
• Greener Construction and Decor
• Greener planting, garden and composting
• Greener arts, craft, and souvenirs for tourism
• Greener events, functions and meetings
• Green projects, with local economic benefits

...and everything you need to start making your own compost and grow your own food!

Visitors are invited to our child friendly space, to rediscover a personalised shopping experience, reminiscent of a by-gone era. Think, act, shop and play local ......

See you at The Green Space!

Contact Us

084 4932654 (Sonja)
082 4444167 (Michelle)

Email: info@thegreenspace.co.za

Where are we:
Imhoff Farm,
South Africa

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The Green Space